Code Administration Committee

The Code will be administered by a Code Administration Committee (CAC) whose composition is made up of signatories to the Code being:

  1. three (3) appointees of the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA); and
  2. three (3) appointees of the Motor Trades Association of Australia (MTAA)

Members of the CAC shall hold office for a period of two (2) years, but may be re-nominated for further two (2) year periods.

The ICA and MTAA can replace or substitute their respective appointees at any time and for any reason, but in the spirit of the Code each will endeavour to ensure continuity of representation on the CAC;

The members of the CAC will elect one of their number as chairperson

Role of the CAC

The CAC will develop a protocol for the appointment, establishment and operation of a national panel of mediators and monitor compliance with the Code.

The CAC will also develop its own administrative procedures and protocols, advise on the promotion of the Code within the Industry and obtain adequate funding to administer and monitor the Code from ICA and MTAA.

Conduct an initial internal review of the operation of the Code twelve (12) months after the commencement of operation of the Code on 1 September 2006. This is to be followed by an external review of the operation of the Code every three (3) years from the commencement of the Code.

The CAC will also produce a publicly available annual report on the Code, and provide a copy of the report to the relevant Australian Government Minister. The report will include:

  • an assessment of Insurer and Repairer compliance with the Code;
  • the number and type of applications for EDR under the Code; and
  • any other matters the CAC considers relevant to the Code,

Confidential Information

The appointees to the CAC are prohibited from disclose any confidential information acquired in the course of their appointment to the CAC, unless required by law to do so.